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Subodh Gupte's Profile


Aum Hospitality Consultants, under the leadership of Mr. Subodh Gupte, is a versatile and results-oriented consultancy firm in the hospitality sector. Here are some key highlights:


  • Comprehensive Services:

  • Aum Hospitality Consultants offers a broad spectrum of services, covering various segments within the hospitality industry, such as Business Hotels, Boutique Hotels, Budget Hotels, Theme Resorts, Camping Resorts, Clubs, Theme Restaurants, Conference & Banquet Halls. This indicates a wide-ranging expertise that can cater to different client needs.

  • Result-Driven Approach:

  • The company emphasizes delivering result-driven Hospitality Management Services, indicating a commitment to achieving tangible outcomes for clients. This includes a focus on optimizing hotel assets, increasing occupancy rates, and enhancing service quality and operational performance.

  • Technical Planning Expertise:

  • Aum Hospitality Consultants provides detailed consultancy in Hotel Project Technical Planning, ensuring that projects are well-planned and executed. This expertise contributes to the overall success of hotel and resort projects by optimizing returns on investment.

  • Proven Leadership: Mr. Subodh Gupte, the Principal Consultant, is highlighted as a dynamic business leader with a proven track record. His success in replicating achievements in both domestic and international markets, across various hospitality settings, showcases his adaptability and strategic leadership skills.

  • Financial Acumen: The mention of Mr. Gupte's ability to deliver profits and good returns on investment reflects a strong financial acumen. The execution of strategies for a robust bottom line and quality delivery suggests a focus on sustainable and profitable business operations.

  • People Management: Mr. Gupte's emphasis on strong leadership, effective communication skills, and a knack for recruiting the right candidates demonstrates a commitment to people management. The promotion of camaraderie among candidates and providing steppingstones for promotions indicate a positive and nurturing work environment

  • Educational Background: Mr. Gupte's diploma in Hotel Management Catering Technology & Applied Nutrition from IHMCTAN, Dadar, Mumbai, in 1982, adds academic credibility to his extensive practical experience in the industry.


  • Overall, Aum Hospitality Consultants, led by Mr. Subodh Gupte, is a well-rounded consultancy firm with a focus on delivering tangible results, effective project planning, and fostering a positive work culture within the hospitality sector.

  • Mr. Subodh Gupte's extensive exposure and experience in the hospitality industry spanning over 42 years showcase a rich and diverse career. Some notable highlights include his contributions to various well-known establishments: Ramada Inn Palm Groves (Mumbai): A renowned hotel in Mumbai where Mr. Gupte likely gained valuable experience in hotel management and operations.

  • Taj Blue Diamond (Pune): Another prestigious name in the Indian hospitality sector, indicating Mr. Gupte's involvement in managing high-profile hotels.

  • Duke’s Retreat/Upper Deck Resort (Lonavala): This suggests experience in overseeing resort operations, a crucial aspect given the popularity of Lonavala as a leisure destination.

  • Kamat Hotels (Baroda): Involvement in the setup of a 250-room Five-Star Hotel, showcasing expertise in large-scale hotel projects.

  • Daspalla Hotels (Hyderabad): Contribution to the establishment of a 125-room Five-Star Hotel, demonstrating experience in diverse markets.

  • Blanket Hospitality Ventures (Kerala): Setting up operations for ten hotels in Kerala indicates a wide-ranging involvement in the hospitality sector in a prominent tourist destination.

  • Greenarth Leisure Pvt Ltd: Instrumental in setting up a chain of theme resorts near Mumbai and a luxury resort at Katjat near Mumbai, showcasing entrepreneurial skills and a focus on theme-based hospitality.

  • Five Star Club in Nagpur: Currently involved in setting up a large club with international standards and a diverse range of amenities, including multiple restaurants, a bar, a pub, banquet hall, health spa, and various recreational facilities.

F&B Expertise: Mr. Gupte's core expertise in Food and Beverage (F&B) is highlighted, particularly in the planning of kitchens, cuisines, menu planning, and menu engineering. His familiarity with international and national cuisine trends, including Mediterranean, Mexican, Italian, Japanese Sushi, and French Provençale, suggests a commitment to offering diverse culinary experiences.

Ongoing Ventures: The mention of the ongoing project in Nagpur and the website indicates that Aum Hospitality Consultants, under Mr. Gupte's leadership, continues to be actively involved in the development and management of hospitality projects.

In summary, Mr. Subodh Gupte's career reflects a wealth of experience across various facets of the hospitality industry, from high-profile hotels to theme resorts and large-scale projects. His expertise in F&B, along with his entrepreneurial ventures, positions him as a seasoned professional in the field. The current projects, including the club in Nagpur, highlight his ongoing commitment to the industry.


Our Hospitality Consulting service provides expert advice and support for a wide range of hospitality businesses, including resort consultancy, cloud kitchen, restaurants, hotels, agritourism, food court consultants, boutique hotel consultants, jungle resort consultants, banquet hall consultants, MICE business consultants, Destination wedding hotel consultants, pub consultants, bar consultants, and camping and glamping resort consultants & so on.

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